10-30million Per Year Full Automation Gypsum Board Making Machine

Output 2million -30million sqm/year (based on thickness 9.5mm)Fuel coal; natural gas; diesel; heavy oil. etcTechnologyhot ai; heat transfer oil/thermal oilWidth1200mm.1220mmThickness 6mm to 22mm Length 1500mm-300mmRaw material Natural gypusm powder  .phosphorus gypsum powder.Desulfurized gypsum powde Factory viewRaw material requestRaw materialsItemSpecificationCalcined gypsum powderFineness0.2mm.<10%0.2mm.Remnant<10%Initial set time3.5-5.53.5-5.5 minutesFinal set time7.5-10.57.5-10.5 minutesCrystal water4.5%-5%Half-water gypsum powder>65%(2)Bending strength (2 hours)1.8 MpaPaperWeight190-220g/Thickness0.36-0.4mmAir permeability0.85-1.6μm/pas(Cobb)Water absorption( Cobb )15-30g/Tensile strength12.5 KN/m.3.5 KN/mPortrait 12.5 KN/m. transverse 3.5 KN/mTransverse expansion and contraction<2%Moisture10%±2Denaturized starchContent of the starch>70%Moisture11%-13%PH6.5-7.5Protein<0.3 ºC-40ºCSolubility in 20ºC-40ºC water73%-78%Foaming agentCondensate>30%Ligarine<3%Inorganic salts>2.5%PH7-9waterWaterPH6.5-7.5Machinery introduceDosing SystemApplication :used to dose and mix suitable of raw material to get the gypsum powder slurry.Feature :1.About raw material feeding system . we can equip for you wet raw material feeding and dry raw material feeding system to meet your demind . 2.About the mixer : we used the dawel pin type .which is similar to German technology Paper supply system Application :Supply paper to the gypsum board Composition:The paper roll lifting machine. uncoiling device. pneumatic paper receiving machine. paper storing machine. paper pulling machine. paper guiding machine. scoring machine and automatic correction machine.Forming and solidification systemApplication :to form the semi-gypsum board from gypsum powder slurry . we have special design on the forming belt which can guarantee the board is very  straight .  Automatic cutting system Application: automatic cut the solidified gypsum board to setted size .Dual servo cutting machine . more accurate .and reduce board waste.Transit System Application:used to horizontally transport the cutted board to the distributor. other unqualified board will be send out of  the production line Distribution System Application :used to transport wet gypsum board to each layer of the drying machine with the control of PLCDrying system Application :Used to dry the forming board .For big capacity  .we adopt the hot air circulation. drying room temperature is uniform. the board has high strength and is not fragile. This part we can design according to client requirement  Labor requirementsSystemWorkers neededDosing.mixing material system2/  1workers/shiftPLC control1/  1workers/shiftForming system1/  1 worker/shift#2 #1Horizontal conveying system1/  1 worker/shiftDrying system1/  1 worker/shiftBoiler heating system2/ 1 worker/shiftSubstitute person1 1 worker Monitor forklift2/  2 worker/shiftPackage3-5 3-5 workerTotal13-15/  13-15workers/shiftIf you have any questiones. Sarah here service for you.0086 17853992376


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