AAC Block Production Line Price. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Machine

Full Automatic Sand AAC Block Autoclave Aerated Concrete Block Machine(we have india. indonesia. vietnam oversea office. 15 AAC plants in India. 25 plants in Indonesia. 300 plants in China. we are only one have spare parts store in local)1. AAC block production line price. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Machine introduction:Areated concrete block (light block ) is the light and porous buidling material. It has light keeping temperature cant burn and other advantages. It can be made into many kinds of bricks for example: 600× 200× 100. 80× 80× 180. 240× 115× 53. 600× 200× 125). they could be used industry building and common building. They are more and more popular in the world. In the future. they will replace the Clay brick completely.Areated concrete common conception Common concrete density is usually 1600-2400kg/m3. but Areated concrete are 500kg/m3. 600kg/m3. 700kg/m3. It has not the big grain. main use silicon material (for example: Coal ash. sand. stone dust and others ). through making the material small for example sand. they can be used directly if has enough degree of small (for example coal ash. Mixing calcium material lime cement water to a special slop. then add the aluminum dust and the additive. Make the aluminum dust and the special slop have a Chemical reflect. Then produce Hydrogen to make the concrete slop to expanding or swell. foam. Next. put them into the curing room to concreting cutting steaming curing. last. there will bacome the light brick. the porous rate is 70-80%.2. AAC block production line price. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Machine common sense:1. Light weight. Areated concrete density is usually 400-700kg/m3. (according the market in produce ). same as 1/3 of clay block and 1/5 common concrete. So use the Light block can reduce the weight of the build more. and also reduce the beam of roof and pillar press best. Then you can see. it can save the material and cost. it also fighting shaking.2...Keeping temperature It has many are porous. the delivery hearting coefficient is 0.9-0.22W/(mk). the same as 1/4 or 1/5 of clay brick. so it is best materials now in the world.Have many kinds material. have lowest wasteMain Material: Coal ash sand waste mine material coal stonestone dust and other silicon materials.(1 )Product weight is according to 600kg/m3 to control.(2 )annual capacity 200. 000M3.(3) set raw material proportion: Cement 6.5%. raw lime 23%. flyash 68%. gypsum 3%. aluminum paste powder 350g/M3.(4) water and material rate 0.631(5) one mould product 2.88M3(6) Casting slurry cycle time 5-6 minutes. cut cycle time 5 minutes.(7) casting slurry temperature 38-42 degree(8) body quiet stop. Time is 1.5-2.5housr. temperature 50-90 degree. after quiet stop body strength is 0.15-0.18Mpa(9) Steam curing cycle time. come in and out autoclave about 0.5hour. steam curing cycle time about is 6 hours/1.6Mpa. total 6.5 hours.(10). Cement lime fly ash style aerated block raw material proportionName unit Cement lime fly ashFlash % 65-70Cement % 6-15Lime % 18-25Gypsum % 3-5Aluminum powder paste(600kg/m3) 1/10000 8Water & material rate 0.60-0.65Casting system OC 36-40Aluminum mixing time S 30-40(11). Cement lime Sand style aerated block raw material proportionName Unit Cement Lime SandSand % 55-65Cement % 10-20Lime % 20-30Gypsum % 2-3Aluminum powder paste(600kg/m3) 1/10000 8Water & material rate 0.65-0.75Casting system OC 35-38Aluminum mixing time S 30-40Reference: Cement is 42.5 Portland or 42.5 common cement1. Sand  69%  Super GradeFirst GradeQualified productSiO2≥85ue%CI- 0.02%0.03%0.03%Mica≤0.5%0.5%1%S O3≤1%1%2%clay≤3%5%8%K2 O Na 2 O≤1.5%3%5% 2. Lime  20%ItemG aerated concrete blocks.aeratedconcrete blocksequipment.aerated concrete brick(lightbrick) DONGYUE radeSuper GradeFirst GradeQualified productA(CaO MgO)       Quality Fraction %≥907565MgO               Quality Fraction %≤258SiO2                       Quality Fraction %≤258CO2               Quality Fraction %≤257Digestion speed .min≤                 5-15Digestion temperature .   °C≥                 60-90Undigested residue quality fraction .%≤51015Fineness ( 0.080 square hole sieveleft amount)  %≤101520


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