Automatic Cement Hollow Block Brick Making Machine India Price

What are the main advantages of the QTF4-15 automatic block making machine QTF4-15C concrete brick machine is a newly developed automatic programmable block production equipment of our company with the following characteristics.1. High degree of automation: The machine production process adopts PLC automatic control. hydraulic system drive. mechanical. electrical. liquid. high-frequency vibration technology. and with plate. pressure vibration. stripping brick automation. continuous and reliable operation. high production efficiency. labor Low strength. Durable and easy to maintain.2. Multi-purpose machine: It can be widely used in fly ash. slag. coal gangue or other industrial waste and sand. stone. cement and other materials. It can produce various hollow blocks and various pavement bricks. grass bricks and roads by changing molds. Edge stone. standard brick. etc.3. The main electrical equipment of high-end configuration: hydraulic components are imported original accessories. such as Siemens motor. Mitsubishi control system. less faults. reliable performance.4. Combination of hydraulic pressure and vibration: The landline is based on hydraulic pressure. supplemented by mechanical. vibration and pressure. The equipment is equipped with a patented vibration box. exciting force and high frequency vibration. Make the product more durable. The tensile strength of the produced block products can reach above 15Mpa (MPa). high density. anti-freeze. impermeability. sound insulation. heat preservation. good heat preservation performance and accurate size.Technical ParametersDimension of host machine4000x1800x2800mmPower of host machine21.8KWWeight of host machine5.51TVibration force40~50KNMolding area1016x600mmMixer modelJS500Water consumption5~6T/DayPallet size1010x550x25mm    Production CapacitySize(LxWxH)Pcs/MouldPcs/HrPcs/8Hr400x100x200mm81440-168011520-13440400x150x200mm61080-12608640-10080400x200x200mm4720-8405760-6720400x250x200mm3540-6304320-5040230x110x70mm244320-504034560-40320Paver:200x100x60mm16288023040Paver:200x163x60mm8144011520The QTF4-15C high quality automatic concrete block forming machine can produce a variety of hollow bricks. solid bricks. pavers and curb stone by changing the mold. The following bricks are some common brick types. At the same time. we can customize the brick mold according to your specific requirements.


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