Automatic Concrete Block Machine for Building Material

PLANT PARAMETERS No.Index contentunitIndex valueIName   AAC block & panelProduction scale(annual capacity) m³400.000Specification(cake: 6.0×1.2×0.6)mChina national standard(GB) IIWorking system(three-shift continuous weekly production) 300 days / year22.5 hours / day7.5 hours / shiftIIIMain raw material consumption  1. sandTon / year1299002.limeTon / year316003. gypsumTon / year56004. cementTon / year186005. Rebar steelTon / year5000IVTotal capacity (without ball mill power)KW≈1250VAnnual  power consumption10.000KW.h≈550VIAnnual  water consumptionTon≈113500VIIAnnual  gas consumptionTon≈45000VIIISingle-shift  producing operators people7Single-shift auxiliary personnel (including forklift and boiler gas distribution )21IXTotal plant construction areaacre≈10.5Construction aream2≈12000Storage coveringm2≈20000AAC PANEL PRODUCTION PROCESSProcess Period:Mixing period: 7-8 minutesSlurry temperature: 40-45ºCCake curing  2.5-3.0hTemperature of curing  45~55ºCCake strength after curing  0.15~0.18MPaAutoclaved curing system:Before-after autoclave   0.5hVacuumize    0.5h(0~-0.06MPa)Lifting pressure     1.5h(-0.06~1.3MPa)Constant pressure     8h(1.3MPa)Releasing pressure     1.5h(1.3~0MPa)Total     12hProcess:(1) The lime and gypsum will be crashed and ball milled after entering the factory. batch production for this section working system. The raw materials is continuous crashed into grain which granularity is less than or equal to 25mm. and then be put in the storage respectively through 3-pass splitting by bucket elevator. Lime and gypsum-grain will be fed in proportion through speed belt scale and into ball mill for mixture levitation through the respective baiting splitting. When the fineness reached 3500~4000cm2/g. the lime and gypsum-grain will be sent into cement silo through bucket elevator for storage.(2) The sand is transported to stacking place by dump truck for use.(3) Sand will be transported to the hopper by loader car. then after measuring be transported to wet ball miller for milling by the belt conveyor. milled to mortar and be transported to storage tank stand-by through beating pool.(4) Steel rebar rolls into factory by car. after straightening & cutting & welding to mesh cage. then put to yard storage after de-rusting & anticorrosive & drying.(5) The poured mold car transfers to curing area for gas-forming & initial setting. temperature in curing room is about 40 to 45ºC. curing for 150 to 180mins. the mold car is pull out of curing room when reached the cutting strength. For panel. the cake transport to rebar insert area. insert the steel rebar into the mould car after curing. and then transport to curing area for forming. temperature of curing room is 40-45ºC. stop for 180-240min. up to strength level. pull out from curing to draw-out steel rebar. then the mould car goes to cutting area after several minutes curing.(6) Mould will be transported to the cutting area when the curing reach to cutting requirements. turning table separates the mould and turns the cake to 90°spaced on the cutting car. The car carried cake achieves six sides cutting through horizontal and vertical cutting process(length±3mm~width±1mm~±1mm). For panel. mould transfer to rebar insert area after pouring. then insert the steel rebar into mould after pouring. then transport to curing area for forming. the temperature of curing room is 40-45ºC. stop for 180~240min . up to cutting strength. pull out from curing room to rebar draw-out area. then transfer to cutting area for several minuets curing.(7) Put the cake on the semi-finished product turning table by crane after cutting. the cake turned to 90°by turning table to be peeled the bottom & top leather. then be turned again to original position. next be stacked on the steam curing car by the semi-finished product stacker. marshaled steam curing car be put into the autoclave for high temperature (200 ºC). high pressure (1.3 MPa). autoclave(about 12 hours). Sweep gas in the autoclave be sent to curing area by the pipe.(8) Finished curing cake will be combined. divided. transfer and packaging after classified placing. separating and clamping treatment. Then sent the after-package cake to the storage yard by forklift. Finished product separated bottom plates will be transported to compound die area by curing car for mould car compounding.  After cleaning and oil brushed. the curing car will be poured for re-use. Then back to the curing car and process the autoclave curing after stacking and grouping.(9) The recycled waste in production can be made into waste slurry by waste mixer . the stored waste slurry can be reused with raw material.(10) The waste water after production. make waste slurry through waste mixer. for secondary using.


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