CNC Sand Making Crusher. CNC Sand Crusher Machine

CNC sand making crusher. CNC sand crusher machineThe new CNC sand making machine. also known as vertical sand making machine. is the new generation of sand making equipment introduced by our country. Its biggest feature is that through frequency conversion control to achieve the discharging granularity level desired by users. the use of advanced plate hammer hammerhead. good sand making effect. less wearing parts. less wear of hammerhead.The device is without screen bar. not blocking materials. coarse sand. medium sand. fine sand arbitrary regulate. sand -making effect is good. The series product has strong crushing capacity. large crushing ratio. low energy consumption. stable operation work. easy operation and maintenance and so on. A particular advantage of this product is that discharged granularity shows rounded polyhedral has stone hit stone and stone hit iron of two broken ways. can be widely used for granite. basalt. limestone. river gravel. quartz. iron ore. bauxite. marble flint. lead and zinc. lead and other materials crushing operations. ModelDiameter for cylinder(inch)Processing capacity(t/h)Feeding size(mm)Output size(mesh)Rate of final products(%)Power(kw)Frequency conversion CNC cabinet(kw)Overall sizeL×W×H(mm)ZSSL-292910-20<505-12060-957-45502100×1000×1700ZSSL-393920-40<655-12060-95U-75902600×1400×2300ZSSL-494930-60<705-12060-950-1321603000×1600×2750ZSSL-595950-100<855-12060-952-1602003100×1900×2900ZSSL-696980-160<1005-12060-955-2002503800×2200×3100ZSSL-7979120-240<1205-12060-95 0-2202804100×2600×3400


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