Gypsum Block AAC Automatic Making Machinery 200000 Square Meter

What can we do for our clients For clients with specific requirement. we could provide the suitable solutions or make your plans more workable based on our overseas experience.   For  clients without detailed requirement. we would like to recommend our similar projects according to the climate and usage of the construction site.   For the value added service. we are capable of offering a impression picture to present the production line directly.Our company has well-experienced professional engineers and technical teams to ensure our clients with high-quality equipments. The well-skilled installation and commissioning team and high-quality process technologists provide our clients both at home and abroad with full set of technical services to make our clientsbuy with reassurance and use with gratification. In recent years. our company has completed building materials equipment projects in the Middle East. Central Asia and Eastern Europe. etc. and has got highly praises for both product quality and after-sale services.Brief introduction1) Gypsum Block is a kind of light walling material. produced by Building Gypsum as main material. adding suitable light materials & additives. mixing with water and then being molded and dried.2) It is a environment-protection and energy-saving green product generalized by our country. According to its structural form. it is divided into hollow Gypsum Block and solid Gypsum Block.3) It is widely used in building as inner partition wall. because of its advantages of light weight. exact dimension. fire-proof function. shock-proof function. heat preservation and heat insulation. adjusting indoors dryness and humidity. good capability of manufacture and convenient construction. etc..2.Main Parameters1).Final block/brick specification:Length:666mm;Width:500mm;Thickness:80mm.90mm.100mm.120mm.150mm;2).Product performance:Air sound insulation: 40.5db;Fire resistance:186min;Flatness: ≤1mm/m2;3).Forming Block number:5-7mold/hour4).Composed equipments: molding machine;mixer;hydraulic control system;screw converyor5).Voltage: 380V( /-10%~15%)6).Power: 19K)thickness can be adjusted before machine manufacture as required.Production MethodThe calcined natural gypsum or chemical gypsum powder. first is sent to gypsum powder silo by bucket elevator. the silo is with dust collection system. automatic level device. arc breaker. etc.. Then the powder is conveyed into prepare silo; after measuring by electrical scale. the powder is fed into mixer by pneumatic discharge valve. The water. after measured by adjustable water measuring device. is fed into the mixer through solenoid valve. Other addictives can be added into mixer when required.Inside the mixer. the raw materials are well-mixed through strong blending of stirrer into slurry. After mixing. the slurry is automatically poured into the mold cavities of shaping machine. At the proper setting stage of slurry. drive hydraulic shaping scraper equipped on the top of mold cavities to run to-and-fro to scrape the top tenon of all blocks. When the slurry setting is finished. central hydraulic pressure station drives the hydraulic lifting system to take the whole raw of gypsum blocks out from mold cavities. At the same time. the space clamp nips. lifts and transports the whole raw of blocks to trolley. which goes through the rails to carry the blocks to the natural drying space to dry. Then the dried blocks. after quality inspection. are stored or loaded onto truck.   3.Main Technical & Economical Index No.ItemIndex Remark1Capacity300 -500 Thousand M2hollow2Workday300 days 3Main raw materials  4Gypsum powder32000 tons 5Water consumption26000 M3 6Workshop area800 M2Excluding drying machine7Airing area6000-10000 M2 8Main equipment Power40Excluding drying machine9Worker253 shifts1).Super-strong steel structure made of extensive original parts. ensuring more stability and reliability for the concrete block machine body.2).The whole process uses a PLC control system of human-machine interface. easy to analyze the chance signal. ensure the best operation effect.3).High-efficient and super-strong vibration system. realize vertically synchronous vibration. frequency conversion. and braking. thus greatly increase product compactness and mould-box service life.4).The cloth system adopts semi-closed screen reticular rotational feeding unit to feed materials forcedly. with evenness and even speed. ensuring product intensity.5).Fitted with special hydraulic loading unit. readily realize mass and automatic production. saving a great deal of human power. maintenance field. and circulating fund investment.


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