High Quality Wood Chips Sawdust Rice Husk Powder Machine

High Quality Wood Chips Sawdust Rice Husk Powder Machine All our Hammer Mill Models : NameModelPower(KW)Capacity(T/H)Hammer MillAST-ZW36A221-3AST-ZW40A373-5AST-ZW29C556AST-ZW29C758AST-ZW38C9010AST-ZW38C11012AST-ZW50C13216AST-ZW60C16018AST-ZW80C18520AST-ZW80C20025AST-ZW100C22028AST-ZW100C25032Hammer MillAST-ZW60B552AST-ZW60B753.5AST-ZW80B905AST-ZW80B1107AST-ZW100B1329AST-ZW120B16015 1. High Quality Wood Chips Sawdust Rice Husk Powder Machine character :1. It is universal type product. With stable performance . it is widely used in small and medium size feed and food processing industries for raw materials grinding .2. The design of overall base is high in structural strength and beautiful in appearance.3. Direct transmission and advanced falk flexible coupling are adopted. The reasonable arrangement of hammers and clearance between hammers and screens make sure the final products are in uniform fineness .4. Multi-grinding chambers are assembled in this machine. The secondary grinding chamber is cast ironing. which has high abrasive resistance .5. The bearing imported is with high quality . when working. it has low temperature rising. And it is equipped with the temperature indicator that can show the working condition. The bearing pedestal is SKF brand from Sweden .6. Various screen sieve size are selectable. Quick-starting type door opening machinery and frame-type screen pressing mechanism are adopted. Which can make the screen fixed solidly and fast to change the new screen. In this way. this design is easy to operate and convenient to maintenance .7. The tool bit of the hammer is spray welding with carbon tungsten alloy. which has long lifetime . 2. High Quality Wood Chips Sawdust Rice Husk Powder Machine Technical Parameters : ModelAST-ZW-29CAST-ZW-38CAST-ZW-50CAST-ZW-60CAST-ZW-80CAST-ZW-100CRotor diameter (mm)112011201120112011201120Spindle speed(rpm)148014801480148014801480Linear speed of hammers (m/s)86.586.586.586.586.586.5Pulverizing room width(mm)2903805006008001000Number of hammers486496112128192Power(kw)557590110132160185200220250Normal Air Volume ( M3/min)5560727895100120190140160 Any more information you need High Quality Wood Chips Sawdust Rice Husk Powder Machine.   please feel free to contact with us. Mrs WinniChongqing Qiaoxing Machinery & Equipment CompanyWebsite: http://qiaoxingmachinery.en.made-in-china.comAdd: Room 6088. Building 4th. No. 319 of Haier Road in Jiangbei District. Chongqing Municipality. Chongqing. ChinaMobile:0086-15178920906


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