High-Quality Gypsum Plaster Board Production Line/Making Machine

high-quality gypsum plaster board production line/making machineWellcome to Lvjoe! 1. high quality.farely light in weight.but strong2. less investment.stable performance3. more workingplants & ready machines & experienced experts Performance texting is okay! Texting time: 24 hoursWorkers from China.Egypt.Qatar and Pakistan  Raw materials consumption  lists below :  spec. thicknesskg/m²t/ht/dt/yraw gypsum12.5 mm9.4844.411105.8731.761.79calcined  plaster12.5 mm7.9953.71989.2526.775.19paper12.5 mm0.4880.2275.451.634.30modified starch12.5 mm0.0600.0280.67200.81foam agent12.5 mm0.0080.0040.0926.78accelerator12.5 mm0.0600.0280.67200.81glue12.5 mm0.0060.0030.0720.09water12.5 mm5.9962.78966.9420.081.39     Now I introduce it from the begining: Where can you find  LVJOE  company 1.please search  gypsum board production line by Goole.2.please search it on also can find us on Tanzania Fair.Big 5. Canton Fair etc..4.our products are popular among the foreign engineers5.we also have  reached different countries for business visiting.rountine maintence.installation etc.    2end step 1.  talking details one by one via e-mail2.  comparing to price.brand.feasibility study3.  preparing for visiting different suppliers4. taking some photos  in our factory  Rollers. 1. materials : stainless steel .normally we use AISI 304.2. automatic welding. good-looking and high-precision3. supply extra 5% when delivery4. quantity: about 800-1500 pics with different capacity     Finished machine: 1. name: forming machines2. models: 5 models with different technology and prices3. model in th photo lists below : FM-03 (Standard quality). popular in China market for capacity 5 million m²/year4. normal packing method: plastic packageForming section: The upper and lower paper is conveyed to the cardboard station by electic hoist.The lower paper goes through the cardboard tension device.indentation device and swing correction device to the forming station.while the plaster slurry of certain consistency .which is formed in the vertical mixer from various kinds of solid powder materials and liquid materials.flow out on the lower paper at forming station.Meanwhile.the upper paper goes through tension .swing correction device.and edge sealing adhesive and then to the forming station. The upper and lower paper together packs the plaster slurry to get plaster board with specified thickness. After going through the seting belt conveyor.the formed plasterboard has certain strength. The wet plasterboard with certain strength are conveyed to the cutting machine stably vis roller conveyor and cut as per preset  length (little longer than the finished product).then conveyed to 1# transverse conveyor via accelerating roller. In which. the rejected is conveyed out of the production line via reject board belt conveyor and the qualified board is turned over and queuing to enter the dryer.   Dosing system 1. dry raw materials dosing. example gypsum powder. modified starch. other additives2. wet raw materials dosing. example water .foaming agent. other additives3. model: 34. the photo listed below shows advanced technology Dry materials dosing  The building plaster is conveyed to the weighing beld via bucket elevator .screw conveyor  and rigid vane feeder and then conveyed into the screw conveyor for mixer. This system has material internal circulating function for over flow of material sent to weighing belt to make conveying process quite stable.Modified starch and other dry additives are conveyed to the screw conveyor for mixer after metering.Glass fiber used for producing water resistant and fire resistant plasterboard is added to the screw conveyor for mixer after cutting.The above mentioned dry materials premixed in a special powder mixer for making additives homogeneously distribution and then conveyed into the slurry mixer.   Water materials dosing This production line has special foaming device.After metering.the foaming agent and water is pumped to the foam generator respectively via screw pump. the compressed air is also conducted into the foam generator after metering. The foam generator produces stable foam and sends it to the vertical mixer directly.Water is pumped into slurry mixer directly.The adhesive glue prepared in the tank is applied on both sides of the upper paper of the plasterboard with the level of difference.   How many workers do you need to run the plant   Board plantsupervisor1forming1-2batching11# transverse0-12# transverse0-2stacker1-2product transport1-2maintenance 1-2electrical maintenance1thermal system2compressed air system1central control room1  Note 1:  It's better that the buyer employs the local workers  for installation & erection with our engineers together and the local workers can learn quickly in that case. 1.  local workers and our men would  find  a name or just mark an item with technical data & area for all the parts which can help the buyer purchase them quickly in the future. 2. our men will let the buyer know which parts easy to be damaged .which part  is dangerous.which part should be filled with lubricating to change .where to purchase spare parts . 3. the ordinary problem.such as how to change paper roll. the skill on mixer. dryer.programme etc. 4.with time passing. the local workers will become skilled men with sufficient experience 5.if there is any problem or misundrstanding .please feel free to let us know . Pepple tend to face problems at first place  but we will work together to solve it.for example. food.language.working time.manners and customs etc.  Paper supplying section 1. 4 pics paper holder. stable performance .easy to change .reasonable price2. load paper roll by crane quickly 3. forklift is needed4.Germany type is way too expensive and maintenance charge is also too high.The structure of machines is rather complicated and buyer has to wait for professionals to solve it once the problem comes out.5.The technical data of paper : Moisture content                             %         7-10Water absorptiveness                             g/m        215- 20      of  60 secondsLongitudinal tensile strength                   N            230Transverse   tensile strength                  N            60-70Air permeability                                                      80-120         ( s/100ml/in )    Note 2: intallation of dryer  1. name : dryer2. function: drying gypsum board3. aboput 60% of the total cost.the most  vital part4. technology in the photo listed below: natural gas direct burning also named  new-type hot air technology  which is popular in also can see setting belt and control room in the photo below     Note 3 : performance testing after installation 1. two steps for performance testing of one section and whole production line.2. normally waste some gypsum board.but they can be used as raw materials3. adjust machine programme by local workers.with the help of our skilled engineers4. normally we do this that more local workers can know more     Training program executionTraining for lab. Test of board plantMachine understanding trainingMachien operation trainingProduction trainingProduction operationProduction quality controlTraining examinationCommissioning includes:Board line commissioning;Single machine commission;Whole line commissioning without materials;Whole line commissioning with materials;    Finally.we are successful     Our factory also supply additives:  Foaming agent:Solid   content≥30�tive content (petroleum ether)≤3.0%Inorganic salt≤2.5%PH value 7Contact person:  Olivia Mobile:      86 13315495551


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