Light Weight Block/AAC Block/Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

GENERAL INTRODUCTIONThe AAC production process includes raw material preparation. batching and mixing. pouring. pre-curing. cutting. autoclaving. and packing. The entire line allows process to flow smoothly. from start to finish. The independent circulating line of mould. side plate and autoclaving car can lead the object to the original location and get ready for the next work cycle. The production line can achieve the real total automatic production without waste.Making full use of the land with the advanced overhead conveying system. special overhead cross moving system and hydraulic control system for de-moulding machine. semi-product stacking machine. separator and clamping machine. the investment of simple workshop structure can be reduced.With decades of experience in serving the AAC blocks production machinery industry. we can supply customers with quality AAC block production lines with capacity ranging from 80.000m3 to 40.000m3 per year.Once you have decided on the annual output. the mould size and machine model become definite. too. Then according to your specific choice and your local market demand for the size of the AAC block. we will match your AAC block production line with a suitable cutter and other ancillary equipment. For instance. if the 240 mm AAC block is needed in your market. you can choose a cutter with mould size of 4.8 x 1.2m instead of 5×1.2m type. considering that the latter would generate too many concrete wastes during cutting. AAC MAIN EQUIPMENTSThe pouring mixer can batch and mix products of different densities from B03- B07 grades. With the movable lifting pouring device. the problem of flushing away the de-moulding oil and forming big bubbles caused by traditional pouring method can be effectively solved.Once using the lifting pouring device to cast the slurry into the freshly mould cleaned and oiled. the  lateral opening device for pouring the slurry acts as a cushion to the slurry's fall. so that the oil layer wont be washed away and which can also avoide the slurry splash and large pores . The whole casting cycle is 4~6min.The four around sides of mould adopt welded section steel as framework. which can ensure the good rigid. stable and non- deformed performance of the mould.With the function of position guide block for the mould locking.  the mould locking precision can be ensured and also the sealing rubber can be protected from damage.With the hydraulic-powered gantry crane to turn concrete blocks to various degrees. the de-moulding machine can avoid the risk of broken caused by the abrasion of wires. and to transit the cake very smoothly without deformation. Instead of using  heavy-duty industrial cranes. which lowers the height requirements of your factory. simplifies factory construction. and saves construction cost. All the steel wire posts are fixed on two main oblique beams and each pair of posts is used to fix only one steel wire. so that the horizontal cutting machine can solve the settlement cracks problem in thin block and panel cutting. and achieve the minimum horizontal cutting thickness of 50MM block out of a whole mould.The stability and accuracy of the vertical cutting machine can both reach the international advanced level. The integral swing frame can ensure the side plate replacement. the cutting can be synchronized with ferry replacement. With the automatic detection system. the broken wire can be timely detected.


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