Manufacturing Machinery of Board Including Maintenance Services.

Manufacturing machinery of board including maintenance services.               The  gypsum board production line is the professional equipment for producing the new paper-faced plaster board materials. The principle work procedures includes:        1 Calcined gypsum powder, water and other additives enter into the mixer by automatic metering and conveying system. Gypsum slurry, generated from mixer after mixing, would be evenly scattered on the surface of continuous moving bottom paper.       2 With continuous moving and vibrating, gypsum slurry will gradually diffuse and evenly scattered on the surface of moving bottom paper. Then it goes into the forming machine and compound with top paper. By the process of extruding and forming, the slurry would sealed by top paper and bottom paper and bottom paper. Thus, pulpous plasterboard is formed.      3 While it conveyed by setting belt, wet gypsum board gradually formed after board shaping, natural coagulation and automatic casting. The wet boards, arranged by programmed control system, quickly enter into the dryer, through rollers, belt conveyor and board turnover.      4 Under strict controls in temperature zones of dryer, the wet board dried by different temperature hot air blow. Modified starch would stick with the paper. The dry gypsum boards would be transported out of dryer.       5 Then the board would be turned over again and folded together ( face inside), cut into certain finished product size and edge sealed.      6 Finally, it comes to automatic stacker for stacking. Then can be transported to warehouse by forklift after stacking. The running speed of forming system. Annual capacity ( Million /M2)Linear Speed ( M/ Min )24.036.0510.0816.01020.0 2040.03060.050100.0 Raw Material DesignationConsumption(Kg/m2)Gypsum Powder5.7-6.1Faced paper(210g/m2)0.42Water4.3-4.9Modified starch0.25-0.30Foaming agency0.008-0.011Emulsion(White latex)0.006-0.007Electricity0.3-0.4kwhCoal0.7-1.0Kg(6000 Kcal) Our Services 1 Our company has professional installation & commissioning teams, we will install and debug the production line at the customers' place until the equipment produces qualified products.2 We supply spare parts all the year round. The guarantee of equipment is one year. 3 We are responsible for the technical consultation and service all the year around and help to solve all kinds of technical problems at any time.4 We will help customers do the consignment and the relevant procedure for import and export.5 Our company supply the information of the seller for all kinds of raw materials and relevant information for free.Company Information                  Heibei LVJOE Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD was established in 1998, with more than 16 years' experience in this gypsum board devices industry. With gypsum building materials researching center, equipments manufacturing base, building materials machinery production workshops, the LVJOE Machinery Manufacturer gets 6 senior engineers in professional level, over 300 workers and 50 sales engineers. Our company has the ability to ensure quality of your series of projects and the overseas service team before and after sales could also help solve much of your trouble. Warm welcome customers and friends to pay pleasant visits to us!    SINCE IT'S A GOOD PROJECT WE AIM TO BE PROFESSIONAL AND ACHIEVE WIN-WIN
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