One Stop SMT Production Line (NeoDen3V-Standard)

SMD/SMT Production Line: Medium solder paste printer NeoDen3V-standard pick and place machine T962A reflow station.This production line application to enterprises and R&D institutes to make small batch samples.Medium solder printer:Maximum print Area:320X 440mmPacking size: 71*14*52 (CM)Pick and Place Machine NeoDen3V-std SpecificationModelNeoDen3V(Standard)Number Of Heads2AlignmentVisionRotation±180°Placement Rate5000CPH(without vision);3500CPH(with vision)Feeder CapacityTape feeder:24(all 8mm)Vibration feeder: 0~5Tray feeder: 5~10(Customization supported)Board DimensionMaximum:320*420mmComponent RangeSmallest components:0402Largest components:TQFP144Max height:5mmNumbers Of Pumps3Placement Accuracy±0.02mmOperate SystemWindowsXP-NOVAPower160~200WElectricity Supply110V/220VMachine Size820(L)*650(W)*410(H)mmPacking Size1001(L)*790(W)*590(H)mmNet Weight55kgGross Weight80Kg1.laser positioner. easy for online programming2.vacuum detection. automatically dispose and make up if picking fail or pikc misaligned3.dual pick and place head design helps increase output. 360 degree orientation4.noise reduction. dual built-in mutetype pumps5.standard 8G SD card. mass storage of CSV working file6.LCD. touch screen interface input/output. easy operation with Chinese and English7.Integrated automatic feeders (save cost. no need to buy extra feeders). automatic nylon spool with four different types of high-precision nozzles9.humanization design. customized feeders10.component available:0402.0603.0805.1206.1812.2010.2512.SOT-23.LED(3528.5050 ETC.) SOT89. SOP-8.SOP-14.SOP-16.SOT-223.SOT-252 and ICs (size under 16*16mm. pin foot less than 100. fine-pitch above 0.05mm.the height of componenet less than 3mm ) with required vision system. the self-developed laser positioning principle is quite effective for this type of machine.12. build-in software operating system. support online programming: if you don't have PCB circuit diagram. with the assistance from laser positoner.No need another computer.13.easy to program: use protel tool to extract the PCB circuit coordinate file. and use the format transformation tool we provided to you to transform the file format. then copy to the SD card. insert to the machine and could mounte.14.standardization of packaging ensures safe transport.15.small and light weight: simple installation. convenient transportation.16. working power: 100w. energy saving and environmental protection.Reflow soldering T962A:Description:Technical parameter:1. supply voltage AC110V/50Hz   AC220V/60Hz2. putout power : 1500w3.Maximum soldering area: 300x320mm4. Temperature rage: 0~280ºC5. Cycle time:1~8min6. Packing size: 51*45*33cmParts :1. User instruction 1 book2. T962A main assembly 1 set3.  Power cable 1 set4.  110VAC or 200VAC 15. 5mm fuse. 10A 250VAC6.  fast blow  (spare ) 17. manual on CD 1Video showing : export packing with fumigation-free box . and send to your home safe and sound by TNT within 5-7 working days.Peak season: delivery out within 3-5 working days after receiving paymentSlack season: delivery out within 1-3 working days after receiving paymentWarranty:Powerful after-sales to solve any problem. the complete machine has a warranty of 1 year from the time of purchase and life-long service support. we provide online Q/A and troubleshooting support. also with technical advice service.  More info welcome to contact us~


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