Qt4-15b Automatic Clay Brick Making Machine

QT4-15B automatic clay brick making machineQT4-15B automatic clay brick making machine introduce1. Germany technology2. Siemens motor3. Europe standard switche4. High level machine quality5. ISO9001/CE/SGS1. QT4-15B automatic clay brick making machine description1). QT4-15B Hollow concrete block mking machine line using Germany Siemens Motor. which is the best motor brand in the world. Its lifespan is 1.3 times than that of common motor.2). Japan Mitsubishi PLC control system and Omron travel switch. achieving dialogue and exchange between man and machine. Dozens of mechanical action of different products could be adjusted through the menu to select the addition and subtraction without needing professionals.3). QT4-15B hollow concrete block making machine line as a multi-purpose machine. exchangable mold can produce normal bricks. hollow bricks. multi-holes' bricks4). Scatter material through revolving 360 degree. this process likes to mix the material again after the mixer. the technology makes the blocks evenly and high density5). QT4-15B hollow concrete block making machine mould got heat treatment and carburization. making the antiwear ability 1.2 times as the other mould6). When pressing. the excess oil will be turned to Li Zhen-hit. and computer controlled directional vibration. frequency and brake to cancel the vibration energy7). QT4-15B Hollow concrete block making machine line feeding in low-frequency. vibrating in high-frequency. and increasing in Head tanks. Table and Mould vibrating together will make concrete fully liquefied and exhausted in 2-3 seconds to achieve high-density and high strength. Particularly be suitable for the production of high-strength blocks. you can stack immediately after forming4. QT4-15B automatic clay brick making machine land requirement(1) workshop area - usually 25X10=250 m2(2)material storage area- 2000m2(3)office area: 600m2(4)finished products area: 3000-4000m25. GuaranteeWe will supply one year guarantee. when the client have the question. they could call our service department number any time. we will supply per day 24 hours service.Within one year. if the client meet the unsolvable questions. we could fly to client place to help.Dimension of host machine  2440×2000×2600mm Host machine power 25KW Moulding area 400×800mm Vibration force 40KN Moulding period 15-25S Capacity 68.25KVA The size of the pallet 1010×550×20/25mm Mixer model JS500 Weight of the host machine 5T General water Consumption 4T/every day  Voltage 380V   Theoretical workshop area :  15 0 m 2  . need about  6-7  workers .the office . curing area and stacking area to arrange according your fact status..( 2 ) Production capacity Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/ Hr Pcs/ 8 Hr m3/year 400X100X200 8 1200 9600-11520 23040-27648 400X150X200 6 900 7200-8640 25920-31104 400X200X200 4 600 4800-5760 23040-27648 400X250X200 3 450 3600-4320 21600-25920 Paver:200X100X60 16 1820 14560  Paver:200X163X60 8 1100 8800


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