Qt4-15b Hollow Block Machine. Cement Hollow Block Machine

QT4-15B Hollow block machine. cement hollow block machineQT4-15B Hollow block machine. cement hollow block machine Main technical parametersDimension of host machine 2440*2000*2600mmHost machine power 25KWMoulding area 400*800mmVibration force 40KNMoulding period 15-25SCapacity 68.25KVAThe size of the pallet 1010*550*20/25mmMixer model JS500Weight of the host machine 5TGeneral water Consumption 4T/every dayVoltage 380VTheoretical workshop area: 150 m2. need about 6-7 workers. The office. curing area and stacking area to arrange according your fact status.Hollow block machine. cement hollow block machineProduction capacitySize(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/ Hr Pcs/ 8 Hr m3/year400X100X200 8 1200 9600-11520 23040-27648400X150X200 6 900 7200-8640 25920-31104400X200X200 4 600 4800-5760 23040-27648400X250X200 3 450 3600-4320 21600-25920Paver: 200X100X60 16 1820 14560Paver: 200X163X60 8 1100 88001. The QT4-15B hollow block machine is equipped with the touch-screen computer. The Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control system allows the full automation and intellectualization of the production process. including blending. material feeding. and compression molding. Each plate can make four air bricks. or 28 to 30 pieces of standard bricks.2. Cement hollow block machine is made of super strong structural steel via the special welding technique and welding materials. This cement block machine applies the imported motors. sealing elements. and hydraulic components. Therefore. it is durable and shock proof. That is to say. our machine features stable and reliable performance.3. In addition to the overlong sliding sleeve. four guide pillars are also used to make the pressure head and mould move accurately. The uplink synchronous device is utilized.4. Our block machine applies the large-scale hydraulic machinery used oil jack to press from up and down. Hence. it can make the heavy bricks with the maximum intensity up to 20Mpa. Those finished products enjoy the advantages of good compactness. accurate size.5. It has two types of stacker cranes for you to choose. The block machine is multi-fuctional. since it can make the blocks of any materials. It can make numerous different blocks when equipped with different molds.


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