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Center Pivot Irrigation System Sprinkler HeadItem No: HT6312BDesp: High-angle Wobbler Irrigation SprinklerFlows: 0.78-6.97GPM (177- 1583L/H)Working Pressure: 10-25PSI ( 0.69-1.72Bar)Connection: 1/2 or 3/4 NPT maleMid-Angle( HT6312A): Multi-lever approximately 18° ( green deflector)High-Angle( HT6312B): Multi-lever approximately 29° ( black deflector)High angle sprinkler produces droplets that resist wind drift.Sprinklers are used for Lawns, Landscaping, Golf Course, Athletic Field, Farms, etc.You may also be interested in: Wobbler Irrigation Sprinker HT6312AWelcome to view more Micro Farm Irrigation Sprinklers.Our Main products: Irrigation Impact sprinkler, Dripper and drip irrigation system, Micro sprinkler irrigation system, Hose reel sprinkler irrigation system, irrigation damping sprinkler, wobbler sprinkler, Water Irrigation solenoid valve controller, Farm irrigation filter, water control, Irrigation Quick Coupling Valve, Irrigation PVC ball valve, PVC lay flat hose, Micro spray drip irrigation tape, Irrigation valve box and cover, Irrigation drip tape fittings, farm irrigation pipe adaptors, Irrigation fertilizer Injector, etc.


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