Sbs/APP Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Line

Production line InformationSBS/APP bitumen waterproof membrane lineBitumen bitumen waterproof membrane equipment is used to produce bitumen waterproof membrane(APP bitumen waterproof membrane. SBS bitumen waterproof membrane. self adhesive bitumen waterproof membrane.)Capacity: 2 million/year. 3million/year. 5 million/year. 10 million/yearBitumen Membrane (Bituminous Membrane) is widely used in industrial and civil buildings. such as roof. basement. toilet. bridge. park. swimming pool. tunnel for waterproof and moisture-proof. Bitumen is kind of hydrocarbon and is created naturally from crude oil. It is a useful carbon store and does not generate greenhouse gases. The membrane is therefore a sustainable way of storing carbon on the Earth's surface.  Specification Production NameSBS/APP bitumen waterproof membrane production lineMachine Capacity 2 million square meters/ year. 3 million square meters/ year.5 million square meters/ year.10 million square meters/ year.TypeAutomatic. Semi-automaticFinal products SBS/APP bitumen waterproof membrane. self adhesive bituemn memrbaneSurface Materials Sand. PE. Alumunimum .Schist. Mineral  Final products SBS/APP bitumen waterproof membrane lineSBS/APP bitumen waterproof membrane lineBitumen - Mixed with rubber powder. talc powder. Meanwhile polymers are added to the bitumen such as APP (atactic polypropylene) a plastic additive that gives rigidity and tear resistance or SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) a rubber additive that gives more elastic benefits. At last it to be covered with limestone or sand or PE film or aluminum film.Base Material (Reinforcement) - Polyester. fiberglass. etc.  Production Line Details (Parts) SBS/APP bitumen waterproof membrane lineIf you need details configuration . please contact with me.


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