Steel Structure Piggery in China

Steel Structure Piggery in Chinauangxi dahua chemiacl piggery steel structure project built on January 17. 2011. a total of 4. The project bid farewell to the traditional steel structure installation. the whole steel structure by just strength bolt connection. simple construction. quick installation. cost savings. the unique design of steel structure is light and durable. concise and easy. and the material cost is much lower than the traditional steel structure. This kind of structure is made of a forming hot galvanizing technology. use fixed number of year for 30 years.Piggery internal structure according to the physiological characteristics of pigs. and biological habits. reasonable decorate the pigsty. walkways and reasonable organization and private chat. waste transport routes. choose suitable production process and way of feeding. give full play to the productive potential of the pig. at the same time improve the efficiency of breeding management worker's labor. At the same time. we also design and manufacture of barn. the bullpen.


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