Top 10 Supplier in China for Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine

Production process Gypsum slurry is made up from plaster of Paris (calcined gypsum powder). water and other additives. such as starch. foaming agent. in a continuous mixer.     This slurry spreads from spouts of mixer onto a moving sheet of paper. Gypsum board formed through panel extrusion forming machine with back-front two layers paper. Once formed. the gypsum board moves on a shaping belt. During this journey. the plaster core has time to set. or harden. And the required product information is printed on the back of the boards via an ink jet printer. Then the board is cut as specific length. The cut board are then turned over and passed into multiple layers drying kiln.the drying kiln heated through heating system(boiler). the more popular type is heating oil conductive.  Generally it takes 90mins for drying. After that. the board exits and turns over again. After the boards have dried. they are trimmed and stacked to form pallets. Here. finish the whole production. Finished products are loaded for market  ItemConfiguration   paper supply system  LiftPaper supportPneumatic shaft/regular shaft Paper connectorPosition adjusterMarking deviceGlue-coating devicePaper shelf water supply system Starch tankStarch mixerMeasuring pumpWater supply pipes
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