Uganda Poultry Farm Project H Frame Broiler Chicken Cage with Automatic Manure Clean Machine

H FRAME BATTERY BROILER CHICKEN CAGE SYSTEMAll used metal structures are hot deep galvanized materials.Length of the cage 1050 mm and height of the cage is 420mm.The height of the cages can be change from 3 tier 4 tier.1.CAGE SYSTEMThere is special perforated plastic drawers is using inside cages.There are 4 pieces drawers for each cage.When the take out can easily slide them out then all the broilers drop to manure belts.Besides it is proved that there is helping to prevent the harms which is coming from ammonia.also helps to ventilation system and manure cleaning.2. AUTOMATIC FEEDING SYSTEMFeeding system runs automatically from the silos to feeding pans in cages.This automation is materialized with feed level measurement by the means of some sensors on the pans which is located on line-end.When the feed level reduces in the pans.pans fills automatically by the feed bunkers.Specially designed broiler feed pans are used in feeding system.The pans are placed on spiral feeding line in the middle of cage and 2 pieces pans for each cage.Feed lines are adjustable as fit for broilers' using winch system at the line-beginning.3. AUTOMATIC DRINKING SYSTEMDrinking system works by 12 stainless steel nipples in each cage that placed onto nipple lines.Height of the lines can be adjusted by a single hand crane which placed at the beginning of row.Nipples are 360° turnable nipples that never drops and leaks.4. AUTOMATIC BROILER MANURE REMOVAL SYSTEMBy pulling out the plastic drawer which the broiler are living on top.the broilers are dropped on the manure drive.


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